We inspire

This is one of the three pillars of Yasmine's vision for all of the creative projects Alchemy Arts Collective delivers always starting with an innovative idea which can then be developed in collaboration with professional, writers, storytellers, spoken word artists and photographers in a diverse and inclusive community setting.

We create

The second pillar and the place where in Yasmine's words re-enforces why this work is such a privilege and so important in our communities, being a part of this process and seeing how confidence, creativity and belief is nurtured and emerges is something that makes each and every one of the workshops, and sessions unique and inspiring and ultimately creates a solid foundation for future creative endeavours. Partnering with professionals firmly sets a precedence that aspiration and inspiration can co-exist and the young people and artists have the space to explore this.

We transform

The third pillar sees all the elements come together and is where 'the magic happens' the increased self-belief, discovering a talent a young person perhaps  didn't even realise they have as well as expanding and developing upon skills and discovering any new skills that will carry the legacy of a love of writing and creating into their wider worlds.

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