Alchemy Arts Collective is grateful for the support of local partners in the community including Camden Libraries, P3 Charity, 3Acres Community Play Project, Small Green Shoots and Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts, Quarterdeck Youth Centre.

Creative projects to date have included a published and classified book which is available in all Camden libraries 'The Five Monsters' which was created with talented illustrator and writers Sean Bright and Rob Parr. An illustrated graphic novel exhibition inspired by International Women's Day and titled 'Sheroes' which culminated in a spoken word event featuring Inja and the multi talented Shay -D. whom we also recently collaborated with to deliver an interactive journal writing course of workshops which culminated with the production of a storybook journal that each young person can use throughout the year to continue their legacy of writing daily.

The Careleavers Association, Yasmine is a Trustee and is a supporter of their invaluable work, particularly in the advocacy of their access to records work they strive to implement.