The importance of imagination


Imagination is innate in all of us. 'Daydreaming', 'musing', 'creating', they are all integral to our ability to navigate the world. My favourite and most intriguing part of starting any project large or small is the quiet knowledge and appreciation that this starts with the vision in my mind. 

Children humble us tremendously as they do this so effortlessly, enquiring and yet so free. This freedom allows them an ability to express their authenticity in a way that can get dimmed in adulthood. 

Fortunately, a little reminder that we have always got the capacity to return to this way of looking at the world is the gift of imagination that we can return to at anytime as to be alive is an act of creation and this will always have imagination at it's essence. Be Brave, Imagine and allow the magic to unfold...

Imagination and Creativity can change the world.
— Anonymous