Alchemy Arts Collective was created by Yasmine Khan and grew out of a desire to provide a space to inspire, create, encourage and nurture reading and writing with groups of young people in their local communities. 

We curate projects that integrate professionals and young people in innovative ways, telling their stories in the mediums that resonate with them. 

Yasmine has worked with young people in the arts within community play and youth settings since her teens. Hailing from a writing, acting and performance background as well as being a trained yoga instructor Yasmine has an empathy and innate ability to relate first hand to the young people with whom she works with and is constantly striving to share this.  

As a child who grew up in the care system these creative outlets provided a structure, a sanctuary and in Yasmine’s own words a ‘safe place’ to escape to and express herself during those years of assimilating these experiences and finding a way through the myriad of de-stabilising events that she had to navigate. They have become the catalyst for Yasmine writing her first novel ‘Clean Sheets’ to be published in early 2020.

Current projects and one that Yasmine hopes will create an ongoing legacy that is dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating Careleavers nationwide. 

‘Clean Sheets’ The Journals will be an integral part of these interactive workshops.

A personal love of reading and creating is the foundation of Yasmine's community work integrated with a passionate and powerful belief that by bringing all these elements together the possibilities and potential of the young people we can reach is limitless.